In our programs you will learn about the

and how to apply them to grow your financial wellbeing

Attracting Money Challenge

In this FREE 7-Day Challenge you will learn simple and highley effective strategies to go from financial struggles and worries around money to becoming a Money Hero who can build wealth and financial freedom

  • Find out why people don't get what they want and how you can change that for yourself.
  • Build a money mindset that will help you attract wealth and create your dreamlife
  • Find out what financial freedom really means for you and how you can reach it faster.
  • ​Become a money magnet
  • ​Learn about the three pillars of financial success and how you can apply them

Money Hero System

In this 2 month program you will get the Financial Education you need to be successfull with money.
Learn to master the THREE PILLARS OF FINANCIAL SUCCESS and how to apply them in your life.

  • Get the Financial Education you never got in school
  • ​Three Pillars of Financial Success 
  •  Learn how to think about money so you will attract it instead of resisting it
  • ​How to manage your money so you will keep more of it for things that are important for you
  • ​A simple investment strategy to grow your wealth with little time investment

Money Hero Income Generator

In this 5 Day Program you will learn an Investment Strategy to Grow your profits and your security at the same time!

  • Create a monthly income from stocks and options
  • Use a tried and tested strategy to increase your profit and your security
  • Make 30-40% per year using this strategy
  • ​​Manage your trades to reduce risk and increase profit with very little time investment
  • Be able to make $500 during this program

Money Hero Club

Grow Your Passive Investment Income!
Members of the Money Hero Club have a private group where we share actual information on the financial world and investment ideas and we meet twice a month to discuss strategies and investments

  • Create a monthly income from stocks and options
  • Practice and discuss investment strategies from Income Generator and Money Hero System
  • Get investment ideas every month
  • ​​Manage your trades to reduce risk and increase profit with very little time investment
  • ​Grow your WEALTH

Feel save and confident with your money

To join the money hero club was the wisest decision I ever made when it comes to money mindset and money management. Florian not only gives us wonderful investment tips that work but also explains all about economy when needed. I never felt so save and self confident with my money decisions before! Thank you for the club and all the courses that come with it!
Romana Hasenöhrl

Play Cashflow

Learn how the rich are getting richer and how you can do the same!
Playing a game is one of the best ways to learn and one of the most fun ways as well.
Robert Kiyosaki developed the Cashflow game to teach you how money works. How rich people handle their money better than others and how you can build assets that grow your wealth and make you financially free.

We are playing online via zoom so you can participate wherever you are. If you want to know the next dates, sign up for this mailing list.
(This is an exclusive mailing list for cashflow dates you won't get any other mails from this list)

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