Money Heroes make their money work for them instead of working hard for their money.

In the Money Hero Academy you will learn how money works!

so you can take your finances in your own hand, make your money work for you, and enjoy your financial dream life.
Florian Fritz
Money is one of the most important things in our lives. Having money makes so many areas of our life easier and so many problems can be solved just by throwing some money at them.
(Of course there are also areas in our life where money is not important at all, but we are not talking about those here)

But allthough money is playing such a big role in our world we still don't learn anything about it in school.
And the things we do learn are mostly wrong.

No wonder most people struggle with their finances. 70% of marriages get divorced because of money. 82% of small business fail because of bad money management.

Wouldn't that be enough reason to spend some time and energy to learn about money and avoid these troubles?

But apart from avoiding troubles and get rid of worries, knowing how money works can actually help you to create wealth, build financial freedom and live the life of your dreams.
Is that something you would like in your life?

The Three Pillars of Financial Success

we are working on in the Money Hero Academy

Money Mindset
If you think money is bad and the root of all evil, you will never be rich. Your subconscious will always protect you from being a bad person. If you want to create wealth you have to change your money beliefs.
Money Management
Everybody is managing their money. Most people manage it badly. Rich people are good at this. Handling the money you have well and keeping more of it, is one of the most important factors in building wealth.
Money Making
You have to make money and then make that money make more money for you. Money Heroes make their money work hard for them instead of working hard for their money.
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